Moved development to “the cloud”

Quick update today, I’m in the process of moving off of my current laptop (a MacBook Late 2008) and figured I should look at moving the development/test environment into the cloud (senCloud that is) since there’s no real reason to have it locally.

I set up Icarus Verilog on a VM since the test environment relies on that, chased down a bunch of dependencies, got the LLVM toolchain compiling, and everything seems to work now. The time to run the full test suite went from ~5 minutes previously to… 17 seconds now. Probably should have done this awhile ago!

a console screenshot of the ECLair test suite passing all its tests in just over 17 seconds

Now ready to get to the next work, which will either be exceptions/traps/faults or the toolchain. The latter probably makes sense but I’ll see what I have brain power for next.